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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong!

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Bayside Geelong

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The Andrew Love Center
Meeting Place: The Andrew Love Center
70 Swanston St,
Geelong, VIC  3220
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Judy Eyles the chairman for the evening welcomed Emma to present to the club.
Emma gave an excellent presentation in video and powerpoint of her time in Germany as a Rotary Exchange student.
Emma stayed in Bad Sigeburg in the north of Germany near Hamburg.
In the town she found many attractions such as the Lake and a theatre show amphitheatre held every Summer.
She had 3 host families who welcomed her into their home and to various places in Germany and Europe.
Her first host family took her skiing in Austria where unfortunately she had an accident and was on crutches for a short time.
One of the highlights of the year was the Eurotour where they visited Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. She enjoyed being with all the other 47 exchange students and seeing different places in a 2 ½ weeks.
She has made many friends for life.
Other highlights were
  • visiting the Christmas markets with her host family
  • touring Germany especially Keil and Munich
  • celebrating New Years with her first host family.
She also enjoyed catching up with Yohanna and spending time with the other exchange students.
The farewell was emotional it was sad to say goodbye but it was good to be home safe.
Welcome home Emma
Pres Peter Hynes
He welcomed all and invited his daughter Ellen to the podium to tell us about her work in Humanitarian Logistics.

Logistics involves the 7 R’s –
  • right product,
  • right time,
  • right place,
  • right condition,
  • right quantity,
  • right customer
  • and right cost.
Humanitarian Logistics is not driven by cost however finds the best means to use the money donated to them.
Her main work is with the World Food Program with the United Nations which transports food in times of disaster to people around the world.
Their main aim is to deliver to save lives.
They are not involved in the transport of the food but the rehabilitation of areas so the delivery can take place.
Since the Tsuanami of 2005 there has been a call for a new approach because we saw emergencies occur in different countries at the same time.
Ellen has worked in
  • Syria 
  • Lebanon
  • and also Bangladesh.
In these countries she was also working with UNICEF because if children are not healthy then others in family are also not healthy.
So fuel is provided for the heating of schools, insulation of schools and tents.
They also provide winter clothing for children.
President Peter thanked Ellen for her excellent presentation
Anthony talked about
  • Attending lots of meetings and seeing lots of variations on how the meeting is run and how the club does things.
  • There is a move to less formality.
  • Advised us on dealing with Corporate Affairs and advised if over $10,000 then an application to them might be required. Renewable every 3 years.
  • The need for a public officer
  • The concept of WHY Rotary and not WHAT Rotary.
  • A friendship exchange to India where polio can be highlighted as the success story of Rotary (almost).
  • Aiming for a net gain of members.
  • Some clubs are doing really well with member numbers.
  • Rotary Central.
  • Leadership is important. RLI is being revamped this year and will be scheduled for 2019.
  • We need to look at our bylaws and get them updated.
  • We need to think about Rotary Legislation and to understand that “we” can make changes.
  • Raffles. South Ballarat is fine but we need to be aware of legal issues when running raffles.
  • The South Ballarat raffle is two cars (CX5 and CX3)
  • Global Grants. He is going to look at dealing with the “How” on writing grants. The actual process is on My Rotary website.
President Peter Hynes welcomed Dan to the podium to tell us about his recent trip “home” to Slovenia.

Dan then educated us on Slovenia.

Slovenia is situated between Austria, Hungry, Italy and Croatia.
Only 146 Km north south and 248 Km east west.
Speeds car travel are in the vicinity of 145 KPH or even higher 50Kph in built up areas.
Population of 2 Million with another half million outside Slovenia.
Home to the oldest grape vine at 400 years old. (Ed: ”I want to drink that wine!” ).
The ability to Ski and Swim on the same day (in May).
Only 46 Kms of coast line.
Had a 10 day war at the end of the iron curtain era in about 1992.
The euro is the countries currency.
Beautiful in every way. Trees, Valleys, Rivers, Bridges, Villages, Lakes, Churches and of course
Bled Lake and Soca River also beautiful.
The churches have many parishioners and they are the centre of community life.
Farming is Cattle and cropping. Animals are in sheds and mostly not seen out and about Castles, lots of castles.
Check this one Predjama Castle it has a large cave system or this list of Castles in Slovenia Lipica Stud Farm is very impressive Click here.
A country of Villages and forests and Valleys and Food and Wine and Beer and Relatives and Friends and Family and if Dan was allowed he may have talked all night about his Slovenia.
Thanks Dan
Pres. Peter Hynes got the meeting rolling by welcoming Nash back to Bayside.
Nash then proceeded to give us an update on what he has been up to since leaving Australia a number of years ago.
He has started a Sports Management Company called Kyros Sports which seems to be doing well.
It is the largest in Zimbabwe.
It helps many Students with the last project looking after 64 Students on an excursion to South Africa and UK.
At a Grass roots level they are responsible for about 4000 kids and about 24 coaches.
Nash is the national manager for the U18 rugby team.
President Peter Hynes welcomed Tom to present to us, all about his International Youth Science Forum.
Tom was one of 500 students from around the world.
He presented a number of Highlights of his trip.
  1. Getting to meet Mark Miodownik. He is a British Materials Scientist, Engineer, Broadcaster and Writer at University College London. Click his name. Tom noted the use of plastics and added the comment working with it not wasting it.
  2. Scientific Communication and Batteries – The lastest technology surrounding it.
  3. Meeting Astro Physics Professor Ken Brown who talked about the Luna Rover, particularly how it was designed and how it was meant to work to do the experiments.
  4. The National Space Research Centre where they did a master class on Space physics and Gravity. Also comets and how they might be the basis of life on earth.
  5. The exercise to build a “rocket”. Tom’s group’s rocket was one of the best staying up over 6 seconds. Tom did explain the time and materials were limited.
Toms concluding remarks were “I still like material science”
Questions covered Comets, life, the rocket, the other students and the rover.
Lots of interesting chatter followed.
President Peter thanked Tom for his presentation.
We thank our venue for their support
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